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Astrological Services

  1. Astrological Services


Having a lot of attached importance to cultures like Hindu, Chinese, and Maya; astrology is one of the ancient sciences which deals with the linkage of zodiac signs, the constellations, and the planets. By using a horoscope as a tool it defines and forecasts events occurring around bodies. It helps in gaining an insight into our future life in accordance with our present and past lives using Nakshatras which have a divine value attached to them. You are able to foresee the elements of fields like business, education, and life as a whole which might get affected due to the positioning of planets according to your zodiac sign.

"The skies are always trying to speak to you

   And astrology offers this mystique to you"


You can use this facility to empower yourself towards betterment by using the elements of astrology as a tool for it and not just as a basic service.

2. Chakra Healing

Chakra is the Sanskrit translation of ‘disks’ or ‘wheels’ which in astrology means the energy centers inside human bodies. In order for the organs of your body to function at their best, these chakras need to stay open and balanced.

 There are seven main chakras that run along your spine. They start at the root, or base, of your spine and extend to the crown of your head. That said, some people believe you have at least 114 different chakras in the body.

What does it mean when a chakra is unbalanced or blocked?

There are two possibilities when it comes to an unbalanced chakra; depletion of energy flow or too much energetic activity in the chakra. Each of these will result in a         different outcome.

 A chakra in its low energy level will prompt difficulty expressing the particular qualities associated with that chakra.

 While a chakra is overactive the qualities associated with that chakra are a dominant force in the person’s life which might, in turn, have physical and emotional effects.

How will this service help you?

 This service will help you fine-tune the energy levels of each chakra using various activities. It will create alignment in your physical body while healing any degradation in emotional capabilities.

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3. Vastu Services

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Vaastu shastra is not only limited to building structure but it combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and material. This positively affects the kind of energies revolving in home spaces and offices.

It helps in resolving not only progeny related problems but also helps in promoting the health and overall well-being of a person or the family as a whole.

Vaastu Shastra helps in balancing earth energy fields leading to more peace and harmony at home.

 In this service, we provide you the required guidance in setting up homes and office spaces for a better alignment of energies. This service thus helps in shifting the bad effects of planate due to their placement in your horoscope in your favor and reforming the surroundings while improving your health and happiness.

 The positioning of some elements of our house and office tend to stand against nature which causes the obstruction of some energy. This in turn makes us lag in some spheres of our life. This service helps you to overcome this aspect.

4. Tarot Reading

Originated about 500 years ago in northern Italy tarot rituals include precise predictions using divine cards. It amalgamates fortune-telling with seeking answers often used as a tool for divination.

Tarot card reading: is an age-old technique to find out answers related to varied aspects of life such as education, health, marriage, business, etc. It is done with the help of a few turns of these divine cards.

This service thus helps in reassurance and better decision making. It also helps in diagnosing various parts of life that need nurturing.

 This service includes two online options:

  1. Mini tarot card reading (15 min)

  2. Detailed tarot card reading (45 min)

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5. Krishnamurthi Paddhati

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Krishnamurti Paddhati: popularly known as KP system is a very systematic and well-defined astrological predictive system. Created by The Great Indian Astrology master late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti, the KP system is based on finer points of Indian and Western astrology while it borrows predictive concepts from various branches of astrology. The KP system gives importance to the constellations/stars/nakshatra divisions of the zodiac which is considered to be the most precise method of horoscope.

 The Zodiac belt of 12 planets forms a 360-degree circle which is divided into 30 degrees each known as the Zodiac sign or ‘Rashi’.

 This service provides you an accurate predictive input for the occurrences in your life related to health, education, business, and marriage. 

 It uses cusps which is the point of connection node between two houses. (bhav)

 This service gives you accurately minute predictions based on your Nakshatras.

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Astrological Services


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