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Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Being an ancient science, astrology provides individuals with a deeply unique sense of vigor via personal horoscopes

BUT DOES THIS MARVEL WORK IN THE CONTEMPORARY WORLD? With the world emerging in multiple propagandas and market driven techniques to make ‘sense’ of the situations going around us, using astrology as a framework to view this world comes handy. In the wake of coronavirus pandemic, a lot of us are looking to find a clarity amidst all the noise. Having more than 10 years of experience in this field, I find astrology as a very powerful tool to interpret and comprehend situations.

The mega discussion of whether the orientation of the sun and planets in fact affect our lives is deep rooted with the ability to view astrology as something more than just a future predicting tool.

Jung, one of the founding fathers of modern psychoanalysis had previously studied and admitted to the fact that astrology connects physics and human psychology. This goes up till phenomena like collective intelligence, meta modernism, integral theories etc.

The language of chart symbols created using astrological principles have proven to give light to the dim awareness within self. Surveys have approved of astrology as one of the best psycho technology tool kit.

Recent studies show that there is an increase in the number of millennials who have turned to astrology for spiritual growth and guidance. Astrology is seeming to fill the voids that are created via decline in religious beliefs and cultural differences. The map of meaning custom created for individuals known as ‘birth chart’ helps in navigating one’s life on this planet.

The modern techniques of holistic system have its roots in astrology which helps individuals interact with the elements of universe such as signs, planets and houses. In fact this phenomenon as a whole allows us to connect to our inner self, to each other as individuals, to the planets and to the entire solar system.

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