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Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Vaastu, a science which has been popular since the Vedic age is being used as a foundation principle to construct and design any architecture, monument and temples. The proof that Vaastu has a solid footing in building rich architectures is seen in the historic monuments that stand tall and unaffected even after centuries.

As suggested by modern science, we are all made up of energy and this is exactly what Vaastu is based on. Vaastu focuses on directions that allow omnipresent energy to flow freely. This energy is called “Cosmic Energy”. For our life to sail smoothly, this cosmic energy needs to be balanced in our surroundings. Vastu attempts to align the structure and direction in such a manner that it favors the cosmic energies and hence keeps us away from any kind of financial, health, marital, relationship, career, or other such problems. By balancing this energy, the Vastu consultants make sure that you are always surrounded with positivity, happiness, and prosperity.

Every individual has four favorable directions based on his/her date of birth. A standard set of directional rules apply to office spaces and home to have a positive impact on career, relationships, health etc.

Although, Vaastu is a vast subject to study, many self-proclaimed experts have invoked and created myths about Vaastu Shastra for house. The incorrect Vaastu can be hazardous to an individual so it is important to consult someone trustworthy and real Vaastu expert. Adopting apt Vaastu brings positive results in one’s life.

Following are some Vaastu tips to abide by for bringing prosperity into our lives :

  1. The main door of your house must always be well lit, bright and decorative in some sense.

  2. Avoid having any kind of obstruction on the main door such as shoe rack, pillar, poles or furniture. It tends to block any kind of positive energy that wishes to enter your house.

  3. As per Vaastu, kitchen taps should never leak as it represents financial loss.

  4. Any kind of heavy furniture in the living room should be kept in the South-West direction.

  5. For a balanced and happy environment, do not keep any broken frames or glasses in your house.

  6. As per Vaastu, it is not advisable to have aquarium or Pooja room in the bedroom.

  7. Use of pyramids in study room helps to create positive energy for learning.

  8. Mopping the floors of our houses with salt water once a while helps in warding off negative energies.

  9. For office spaces, the main door or entrance should be in the east or north direction.

  10. Essential documents regarding office work or career should be kept in the South-West direction.

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