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Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Sun being the major source of heat and light energies is the biggest celestial body that humanity is aware of. It is the center of our solar system and it remains stationary and never retrogrades like other planets.

Astrological evidence show that the sun is the representation of our outer self. It spends exactly one month in each zodiac sign depicting how an individual projects itself to the world and how it stands apart. The sun’s strong energy gives us courage and confidence to navigate through different walks of life and face challenges in fields like relationships, career, health and finances.

Dignities of Sun include


A planet in domicile is the master who is positioned in its home i.e. in the sign it rules.


The sun in exaltation is very powerful and dignified. It is like being in a place where everybody knows your name and is happy you are there.


A celestial body in detriment creates an uncomfortable situation and compromises the strength. It's like being in a neighbor’s home where he has no control.


When the Sun falls, It is powerless, as if it’s in a foreign land. It has no control.

Now, let’s have a look at the effect of the Sun on various zodiac signs.

1. Aries :

The Sun is meant to be exalted in Aries, so it likes to be there. It allows Aries to feel motivated and generates a spark which helps to pioneer and lead.

Strengths :

  1. Might act very courageously and make great leaders.

  2. Very determined until desired level of success is achieved.

Weaknesses :

  1. Aggressiveness and impulsiveness

  2. Impatient and intolerant which might lead to difficulty on focusing

2. Taurus :

The Sun is grounded in Taurus. It remains solid there. It inculcates in Taurus a sense of importance for ‘comfort’. Comfort becomes a driving force for them and security means a lot alongside.

Strengths :

  1. Grounded, determined and focused

  2. Possesses the ability to attract wealth and do well in finances.

  3. Hardworking, patient and naturally cautious.

Weaknesses :

  1. May turn too practical and self absorbed.

  2. Becomes a slave to routine and material life.

3. Gemini :

The Sun has a positive impact on Gemini. It promotes enthusiasm and boosts stamina to succeed in careers and relationships. But it might also lead to mental exhaustion at times.

Strengths :

  1. Highly communicative, versatile and adaptive which helps in relationships and family.

  2. Fun to be around and witty.

Weaknesses :

  1. Opinions change rapidly and unable to focus due to too many ideas.

  2. Nervous, excitable, restless and exhausted at times.

4. Cancer :

The Sun in cancer is emotional but also exhibits a lot of strength. The Sun tends to increase Cancer’s personality of protectiveness, loyalty and sensitivity.

Strengths :

  1. Instinctive, intuitive, imaginative but also maintains peace in relationships.

  2. Very tenacious, protects loved ones.

Weaknesses :

  1. Controlled by emotions and thus likely to be moody and timid.

  2. Worries endlessly and clings to people and things.

5. Cancer :

The Sun rules Leo so it is like a home here. The impact of Sun makes Leos warm, affectionate, creative and increases stamina. This has a positive effect on health, career and relationships.

Strengths :

  1. Center of attraction, reliable, dependable.

  2. Seeks to bring happiness in life of others

Weaknesses :

  1. Wishes for the world to revolve around them.

  2. Overlooks details

  3. Might end up hurting people by pushing too hard.

6. Virgo :

The Sun in Virgo is meticulous and organized. They don’t like the spotlight on them. They pay attention to every detail and can be too hard on themselves at times.

Strengths :

  1. Cautious, down to earth with a good precision and analytical mind.

  2. Reliable, trustworthy and prefers to be as a supportive character.

Weaknesses :

  1. Workaholic which sometimes affects their health.

  2. Critical and expects too much from self and others.

  3. Obsessive over cleanliness.

7. Libra :

The Sun falls in Libra and does not appreciate being here. The Sun increases Libran’s need for warmth, affection and expression. The Sun tends to increase physical stamina for Libra.

Strengths :

  1. Always in a need of harmony and peace and thus will fight against injustice.

  2. Natural sense of charm and handles relationships, love and family properly.

Weaknesses :

  1. Difficulty making decisions.

  2. Unhappy alone and might get involved into meaningless relationships.

8. Scorpio :

The Sun creates a restless vibe of emotional energies which might lead to outbursts if not directed properly.

Strengths :

  1. Becomes intense and passionate about life.

  2. Likes to excel in financial matters and very resourceful.

Weaknesses :

  1. Manipulative and have fixed opinions.

  2. Highly charged emotional relationships and thus might get jealous and resentful.

9. Sagittarius :