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If the alignment of Nakshatras and it’s conversion into horoscopes has enticed you and you want to take up this tool to help people in crucial fields of business, education, health and marriage then this is the right course for you.

Astrology Courses


Vaastu which translates to ‘science of architecture’ is the traditional Hindu system of Architecture which describes the principles of design, layout, measurements, ground preparations space arrangement and spatial geometry. These designs are incorporated with laws of nature which helps to utilize its benefits. When we build structures keeping in mind the Vaastu principles, we create a more balanced and calm environment.


This course is built to learn the fundamentals of VastuShastra along with its reasoning.


It is curated in two levels :

  1. Vaastu Basic

  2. Vaastu Advanced

Vastu Courses

Tarot Reading

Tarot cards which were originally originated as a game took a mystical meaning in the cultural imagination. It became a means to predict life events.

Tarot Reading Courses


KrishnamurtiPaddhati being one of the best predictive astrological systems, combines the principles of Vedic as well as Western astrology to accurately predict even micro incidents in financial, educational or marital fields of life.

KP (Prashan Kundali) Course


If you are someone who wants to become more efficient in healing people and also wants to gain the physical and emotional benefits of Chakra cleaning then this course is the right one for you. You can amplify your understanding and efforts in the direction of healing with this course.

Chakra Healing Course

Best Occult Online Courses

If you are seeking to explore occult online courses in India, connect with Acharya Annupriyaa. Over the past two decades, she has established herself as one of the most renowned occult masters, offering Vedic astrology, Vastu, Tarot, and Numerology consultations in India and abroad. She regularly conducts workshops to simplify the learning process for those curious about astrology.

Acharya Annupriyaa is readily available to discuss course details or address any expectations you may have. You can choose from our range of online courses or opt for a customized package based on your interests. Whether you attend the class with fellow students or choose an individual learning path, equal opportunities for participation are guaranteed.

Study Occult Online

Explore courses on Astrology, Chakra Healing, Tarot, Vastu, KP (Prashna Kundali), Numerology, Lal Kitab, Switch words, and Reiki, etc., on our website.

Astrology, rooted in the connection between celestial bodies and human life, posits that the positions of the sun, moon, and planets at the time of an individual's birth influence their character and destiny. Acharya Annupriyaa offers Occult courses online, helping you learn at your own pace.

Can we learn astrology online?

Learning Occult online is convenient and efficient. With courses available for online viewing and download, you can study at your own pace, making learning flexible and accessible. The reasonable fee structure ensures affordability for all learners. These in-depth courses, featuring comprehensive coaching and chart analysis, are essential for serious astrology enthusiasts, aiding in accurate event prediction.

It's crucial to understand that astrology encompasses various components such as horoscope, mundane astrology, prashna astrology, muhurat astrology, Vaastu, face reading, palmistry, numerology, reiki, Tarot, and more. Separating these elements limits your understanding of the holistic nature of astrology.

Courses Offered:

  1. Astrology Online Course

  2. Chakra Healing Course

  3. Vastu Basic Course

  4. Vastu Advance Course

  5. Tarot Basic Course

  6. Tarot Advance Course

  7. KP (Prashan Kundali)

  8. Numerology

  9. Lal Kitab

  10. Switch words

  11. Reiki

Embark on your journey of learning and exploration with Acharya Annupriyaa's insightful occult courses.

Free Astrology Course, Astrology Courses Near Me, Study Astrology Online

Get Online Courses

Astrological Course

$ 185

Chakra Healing Course

$ 185

Vastu Basic

$ 185

Vastu Advanced

$ 200

Tarot Basic

$ 185

Tarot Advanced

$ 185

Krishnamurthi Padhhati course

$ 185

Numerology Course

$ 185

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