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Not everybody has the privilege of knowing about their date, place, and time of birth. So, when you ask them about their janam kundali, they will probably shake their head with a big te NO. For all these people who can't get to know about their life and future via janam kundali, prashna kundali is nothing less than a blessing.

As the name clearly suggests, prashna kundali is created based on questions. It all depends on the time and date the question is asked. It works best when you ask questions that can be answered with a yes or no. As accurate as the results are, creating a prashna kundali is much more complex than it seems. A major factor that decides the accuracy of the prashna kundali is the desire and intention of the person asking the question. If the question is not asked seriously, the authenticity of the results gets into question.

How are Prashna Kundali and Janma Kundali different from each other?

Well, we all know that both this kundalis have their own purpose but few things keep them distinguished from each other. These are some significant differences between both the kundalis:

● Pashna kundali answers you about your ongoing karma but janma kundali have the answers to your past, present, and future.

● You can only ask one question at a time from your prashna kundali but janam kundali can answer multiple questions from all aspects of one's life.

● Prashna kundali is based on the moment when a question was asked so it's more dependent on the thought process of the person who asked the question while janam kundali is all about that special moment when you stepped into this world.

Use of prashna kundali

Below are the most common situations where prashna kundali is used to reveal answers:

Medical emergency: Generally used for elder people whose birth date is not known and who are suffering from some serious illness.

Missing person: Family members who have lost a loved one often resort to prashna kundali for knowing the whereabouts of that person.

Financial troubles: People also resort to prashna kundali for revealing the cause of their business failures, falling back in career, or the solutions to the financial crisis.

Court-case litigations: Who is going to win legal disputes is a very common question asked by people who want to make sure that they invest in court cases only if the results are in their favor.

Relationships: People who often lose their loved ones due to constant fights or are afraid of breaking up their relationships tend to seek answers via prashna kundali to know whether their relationships would be successful and long-lasting or not.

Others: Any query that bothers one's mind tremendously often finds its way to prashna kundali.

The bottom line

If you also have some questions, don't disturb your inner peace by keeping them to yourself. Rather just consult us and let us help you find those answers that can tell you what turn your life is going to take now. Know the sources of your happiness and sorrow via prashna kundali. Be prepared for whatever comes next.

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