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We already told you about the three magical numbers that make the person associated with them much more unique and powerful than the others. Oh yes we are talking about the master numbers. As per the astrologer in India, 11, 22 and 33 have a very special place in numerology simply because of their repetitive digits but the difference they bring into people is just extraordinary. And if you are one of these, we know you are impatient to know about your personality type. So, let's get started.

Master number 11

Personality type: The visionary

As the personality type suggests, these people have great insight for a situation or for the universe. They have a strong power to bond with people because they can connect easily with the emotions one is having at any moment. This extensive sense of consciousness gives them a sort of psychic ability but they sometimes get stuck amid the fight between their intuition and their intellectual brain. With the ability to connect with people's emotions, they always have an aching void in their heart because they don't just see people in suffering but also feel their pain. Apart from some downsides, these people have the power to bring a massive change in the society with their strong vision.

Master number 22

Personality type: The planner

As per the Kundali matching making experts, those with 22 in their birth chart don't just dream but make things happen. They are the master builders with great logical minds who not just live up to their full potential but also help the people around them to fulfill their life aspirations. They can be your best guide for walking you towards success. They only have one downside. They might not be aware of their true capabilities and thus spend a lot of their time as an average person. They might need a little push or an intervention to accept their super powers.

Master number 33

Personality type: The messenger

If your master number is 33, you have all the right to feel special because number 33 is the rarest life path number as only a few dates lead to 33 post-calculation. According to the best astrologer in Bangalore, Miss Anupamaa, these highly creative people have the urge to work collaboratively with others and that's why they are also termed as master teachers. You will often find them raising others and nurturing the society. They bear the great responsibility of helping others to reach their goals. Although they are super talented people, you will hardly see them performing their art or relishing their talent solo style. This constant zeal to partner up with people and push them towards growth might dishearten them when they fail at it but their constant and tireless efforts mostly turns out fruitful.

Get in touch with the best astrologer in India, Miss Anupamaa for more information on life path numbers. You can also join our beginner or advance Numerology course to uncover the mysteries of numerology yourself.

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