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Buisness Name Consultation

Buisness Name Consultation


Business Name Consultation with Acharya A Annupriyaa               

Price: 555 USD                         Duration: 55min

Are you in the process of naming or refining your business? If you seek a business name that truly matters and aligns with your goals, consider booking a consultation with Acharya A Annupriyaa.

Here's what the process looks like:

Booking Process

Choose a convenient time slot from the available calendar options.After booking, you'll receive a Zoom link and an email from our team requesting your birth details and business information.

Initial Meeting (20 minutes)

Acharya A Annupriyaa will meet with you to understand your expectations and provide clarity about the process.

Second Meeting (55 minutes, 10 days later)

In this live video session, Acharya A Annupriyaa will present two designed business names based on your preferences and details shared during the initial meeting.You have the opportunity to pick one of the names for immediate use.

Additional Considerations:If none of the provided names suit your preferences, a new reading for a business name consultation will be required, with applicable charges.

Note:Business name evaluations involve considering the date of birth of each partner. If there are more than two partners, the pricing will be adjusted accordingly.Ready to find the perfect name for your business? Book your consultation with Acharya A Annupriyaa now!

Booking Information

If you're looking to schedule a session, please reach out to us on WhatsApp at +91 89779734111. Once you've made a booking, allow us 2 working days to connect with you.

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