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Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Tarot cards have been used for years to give people a hope in times of uncertainty. The kind of readings that these divine cards provide for our questions related to career, health, education, business etc. feels magical. But it is written in the books that the real magic of true readings comes from the seeker of answers itself. It’s in our ability to focus on our tarot reading with true intention and purpose. We always end up with more knowledge and direction after a tarot reading session.

The key to a really great and accurate tarot card reading lies in understanding how to phrase our questions and make a conscious effort to get real with ourselves.

Here are some steps that’ll guide you towards an accurate prediction,

  1. Focus is the key here. If you’re looking for an honest and precise solution tap into your intuition and cut out any kind of distraction.

  2. Ask open ended questions whenever you can. Readings work towards a bigger picture and greater insight.

  3. Don’t ask for specific dates, names or results. Tarot cards are not designed to answer questions asking for data or give exact outcomes.

  4. Be open to whatever the Tarot exclaims as your readings. Sometimes it’ll be something you wish to hear, sometimes not. But all the times the Tarot tells you exactly what you need to hear and not what you want to hear.

The right kind of questions will give you an amazing Tarot reading experience.

Some do’s and don’ts while asking questions in tarot :

  1. Don’t ask questions like ‘Who is my soul mate?’

  2. Instead of asking questions like ‘should I choose this as my career?’ ask questions like ‘what should I keep in mind before making a decision like this?’

  3. Don’t ask questions like ‘Will I get promoted?’

  4. Ask questions like ‘What is it that is preventing me from achieving a certain something?’

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