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Do you feel a lack of positive energy in your home? Do you feel that there is a lack of wealth in your house? If yes, then you must keep a tortoise in your house. According to the best Astrologer in India, the turtle is considered a symbol of good luck. If you believe in Feng Shui, then keep the turtle not only at home but also in your office. It will definitely give you positive energy and progress.

Yes, keep in mind that you have placed the turtle in the right direction for a better effect. So let us tell you all the benefits of keeping a tortoise in the house and in which direction you should put it to get good luck and progress soon.

  • Clear the Vastu doshas of the house

To get rid of Vastu defects, keep a tortoise in the south or west of the house. Astrologers in India suggest that keeping nine tortoises in the middle of the house, brings you the blessings of all the nine planets together. If you want to make mutual relations sweet, then you should keep a family of turtles in your house. You can have a set of more than 2 turtles in the family.

  • Bring prosperity at your home

You can keep the turtle in a deep plate between water and colored stones so that there is no shortage of money in the house. By doing this, happiness remains in the house and at the same time it also gives a long life.

  • Get rid of mental stress

If you are one of those people who get easily upset for every other thing and can't keep your mind off from worries, then a tortoise statue can really help. Keeping a tortoise on the inside of the main door in the house gives peace of mind.

  • Open doors for business growth

If your work is not going well, then keep a turtle at home, shop or office. You will definitely benefit from this Feng Shui remedy and you will get progress in every work. All the obstacles of your business would get resolved and you will soon see cash flowing through your bank accounts.

  • Boost your health

The people living in the house where the tortoise is kept do not fall ill soon, their health remains better. If you often fall sick or you are suffering from a chronic disease, the tortoise statue can promote better health and help you by reliving your pain.

  • Score high in your education

If you do not feel like studying, then keep a turtle on your study table. By doing this remedy of Feng Shui, your mind will start getting engaged in studies.

  • Have a growing career

If you do not like your job or your promotion in the office is stalled, then keep a tortoise at your office table. It will also help you to achieve your career goals in minimum time and make your every effort worthwhile.

Bring a tortoise into your space today and enjoy the unlimited benefits and happiness it will bring into your life.

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