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We bet all of you have heard about the connection between a clean house and the financial conditions of the people living in it. Well, it's quite logical considering that nobody likes to live in a mess, not even goddess Lakshmi nor the positive energies, and definitely not people. So, for very good reasons you need to keep your surroundings nice and tidy, be it your office, your home or any other place you spend time at. When it comes to cleaning, we guess it all starts from one point, the magical broom. No, not exactly magical as in Harry Potter's type flying broom but magical as in the instrument which sweeps off every bad thing surrounding you. While this little broom has so much significance in your cleaning routine, it's equally important in the Vastu world too.

Leaving this precious little cleaning tool anywhere in your home might bring negative consequences for you as it leads to a financial crisis. So, read this article till the end so that you don't do anything that can compromise your financial security.

Four most important things you must keep in mind while storing brooms:

  1. A broom should be treated as money. It should not be flaunted or kept in the open for everybody's eyes, otherwise, it will restrict the smooth flow of money in your space. Just hide it in a storage space where only you or other family members can find it. Also, just to remind you, the terrace and balcony might be the places where you don't often go but they are still open spaces and thus not the right place to keep your brooms happy.

  2. Never keep the broom standing in an inverted or upside-down position. Lie it on the ground in the resting phase so that money always keeps flowing within the walls of your home.

  3. The broom is considered the symbol of the goddess Lakshmi. So, you should never touch it with your feet or keep it at places where you hang your legs.

  4. The last point about where to keep your broom is more related to hygiene than Vastu. Never keep your broom in the kitchen as it may cause sickness to the family members.

Now let's talk about some directions

Every object placed in your home is responsible for attracting some positive or negative vibes depending upon its position. So, you need to be very smart about how you decorate your space or keep things in order. The same goes for brooms too.

As per Vastu, keeping the broom in the South or Southwest direction is auspicious for people as it attracts positive vibes to your space. Make sure never to store your broom in the northeast direction as it can seriously affect your bottom line. Follow the same rule for your business space too.

The perfect time to use the brooms

You were often told by your elders not to sweep off the floor with a broom after sunset and fair judgment, elders are never wrong. Astrology says that while the first four hours of the day are the best time to clean your house, the last four hours of the day are a big NO for using brooms. Using brooms in the evening is considered as throwing off the money outside of your home along with the dust. If you are super tempted to clean your home in the evening, make sure that you don't throw the garbage outside until the sun rises.

The guide to buying a new broom

According to Vastu, broken things impart negativity in the surroundings. So, one should always let go of broken items in your space. The same rule applies to broken or damaged brooms too. So, if you believe it's time to replace your broom with a new piece, just go for it without a second thought. O wait, give it a thought, consider the current day, and then plan to buy it on Saturday as it is considered as the best day for getting a broom for your space. Or else just go for the auspicious Diwali festival to buy a broom. If you are having a new start in your brand new home, then make sure you don't carry your old broom there. Instead, just buy a new one and take your first step towards positivity.

The bottom line

It's always about the little things that have the biggest impact on the growth and success of a person. So consider these small things as important rules that must be followed and then enjoy the enormous benefits a broom can bring to you. All you need to do is respect it and believe in its power.

If you have any other Vastu dosh, our astrologers can help you in figuring it out and taking you to the right path. Just get in touch and start a beautiful life.

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